Autumn-flowering bulbs

Colchicum autumnaleAs your Summer flowers begin to fade and the days shorten, a fresh and vibrant display from Autumn-flowering bulbs will add a splash of welcome colour to any garden.  They’re also versatile – as they can be used to fill gaps left by perennials, in pots for a portable display, and in some of those spots in the garden that can be more of a challenge too!

There are plenty of Autumn (and Winter) flowering bulbs to choose from, but if you need a dash of inspiration, check out our three all-time favourites.



Colchicum autumnaleAutumn-flowering crocus (colchicum autumnale)

These beautiful flowers force their way through fallen leaves to provide glorious colour, before their foliage even appears and are perfect for naturalising in grass under trees.

Always wear gloves when handling them though, as all parts of the plants are poisonous and a potential skin irritant.



A bold block of cerise pink nerines make a wonderful sight on an Autumn morning and are perfect for a dramatic end to the season.

The flowering display lasts extremely well, while the strap-like foliage remains unscathed by Winter weather and they are easy to establish too, preferring dry conditions anywhere from a border to a patio pot.



Cyclamen hederifoliumCyclamen hederifolium

An established carpet of Autumn-flowering cyclamen is a sight to behold! The pink and white blooms are followed by heart-shaped, marbled, silvery leaves which last through the Winter before dying back to dormancy for the Summer.

These bulbs offer great ground-cover in rock gardens and woodland gardens, and are particularly useful for brightening up dry shady areas beneath trees.

So these are our favourites, which will make your list?

We have lots of bulbs in stock, and we’re happy to provide expert advice if you need it too, so visit us in-store NOW – and make your autumn garden awesome!


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