Autumn Lawn Care

With Summer fast becoming a distant memory, follow our step-by-step guide to transform your lawn, and make it as good as new by next Spring!

First clear away dead leaves – you can use a rake, or you could make life easier and use a leaf grabber. Don′t forget that you can use these fallen leaves to make leaf mould, or if you fancy that real smell of Autumn you can use a garden incinerator.

Next you′ll need to mow your lawn and, as you′re probably still cutting fairly regularly, be sure to raise your mower blades to allow your grass to thicken and protect roots from Winter frost. Don’t forget to trim your edges too!

Then rake your lawn thoroughly, so that you reach the soil under the grass to drag out all the thatch which will have accumulated over the Summer.  Use a fan–shaped wire rake, or a small electric lawn rake will make the task a bit easier – and be prepared for a large volume of waste!

Next address any uneven areas – flatten bumps by removing the turf layer and shaving the ground level, then aerate the soil underneath before re-laying the removed turf level with the rest of your lawn – dips and hollows are treated in the same way, by removing the turf, adding topsoil until the hollow is level and then replacing the turf.

Next you should aerate your lawn to reduce soil compaction, and allow air back in to the roots. You can do this using a garden fork, plunging it into the grass every six inches and wiggling it about to open up holes, using a hollow tine aerator to take out small columns of soil, or using a lawn aerator with blades that cut down into the ground.

Then apply top dressing – and for this we recommend using enriched lawn soil which helps to promote strong root growth.

Allow three days after cutting before you apply moss and weed killer, and followed by Autumn fertiliser to gradually feed your lawn so that it is thicker and hardier next year.  Be sure to apply these products evenly and at the rate indicated – and if you′re not sure then make it easy for yourself by using a spreader.

It might be a bit of work, but you should notice an enormous difference in your lawn within a few weeks, and by spring it will look as good as new!

And if you want a new lawn, Autumn is also a great time to lay turf, or to sow a lawn from seed.

We stock a full range of lawn care and associated products, including:

• Rakes and hollow tine

• Short and long handled leaf grabs

• Moss and weedkiller

• Lawn soil, feed and spreaders

• Grass seed

• Pop up garden bins

• Incinerator dustbins

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