Beautiful Bulbs

Bulbs add a special season bonus to any garden, and probably the best known are beautiful spring flowering bulbs which herald the end of winter.

Surely one of nature′s simplest creations, bulbs are also extremely versatile − not only do they provide beautiful flowers, they can also be used as ground cover, be naturalised in grass, and add tall accents to the border.

And there are so many to choose from that we thought it would be useful to put together some information on the most popular bulbs you can plant this autumn.

Bulb  Planting Time  Planting Depth  Position  Care 
Daffodils & Narcissi Sep-Nov 2-6in Sun or partial shade Allow foliage to die before removing.
Tulips Oct-Nov 3-6in Sun or partial shade Remove flowers when petals fall.  Allow leaves & stems to die before removed, then lift and replant each year.
Hyacinths Sep-Oct 5-6in Sun or partial shade Remove flower heads when dead.
Crocus  Aug-Oct  2-3in Sun or partial shade Remove foliage once leaves are yellow.Allow to naturalise.
Snowdrops Aug-Sep 2-4in Partial shade Remove foliage once it has died back.
Lilies Sep-Apr 6in Sunny Lift after foliage has died back.

And if you′d like to bring the beauty of bulbs inside your home too, they can be used in some surprisingly creative ways!


Pop in to check out our huge range of bulbs, and all the ideas you never thought of!



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