Beautiful Summer Bedding


Equally at home in containers and baskets or in our borders, these plants can fill a bare patch in a hurry, spruce up the garden for a special occasion or add some colourful drama.

If you’re quick then there’s still enough time to grab some seeds and grow your own – which is extremely economical and extends the range of plants you can grow – but if you don’t have the time or space for raising seedlings, then you can always buy ready-grown trays of plants.

Check out a few of our favourite summer bedding plants below, versatile enough to include every situation!



This favourite will provide a weed-suppressing carpet or trail from baskets and containers.

It is lit up by beautiful yellow flowers in summer and because as it prefers shade, it’s great for that difficult spot.



These plants have a mound-forming habit which makes them perfect for baskets and containers, and with a good long flowering period they’ll continue well into the Summer.




There are few carpeting plants able to provide such a splash of colour as the hugely versatile Arabis, commonly called Rock Cress.

Available in pinks, white and purples, these make a great choice if you’re looking for something evergreen in your baskets or in your borders.


Available as both trailing and bush varieties, this enthusiastic flowering gem works in hanging baskets and containers, and also makes excellent border and path edging.

They’re easy to propagate from seed too, so you can collect from this year’s plants for next year’s supply!


Easy to grow and capable of enduring all weathers, these garden stalwarts will be smothered in beautiful flowers – and you can choose from a range of colours from dark orange through to yellows and the very newest cream varieties!

As well as enjoying the beautiful flowers, these make excellent companion plants as they’ll keep aphids away from your tomatoes.

Now we’ve shared some of our favourites, it’s over to you to plan your own summer bedding bonanza!  And if you have a difficult shady patch, click here for our bedding plant solutions and planting ideas for shade.

We have a great range of seeds and plants in stock, plus all the compost, containers and other supplies you’ll need to get them growing and keep them happy – so visit us in-store NOW and get ready for a great display in your garden this summer!



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