Delightful Decopatch

Decopatch is a fun, decorative papercraft which is great for decorating new and used items…

Like a cross between decoupage and papier-mache, Decopatch papers are used to create the colourful transformation of a range of boxes, picture frames and decorative items available specifically for the purpose – they can also be used to transform used items, giving new life to tired objects ranging from small decorative pieces and gifts to pieces of furniture!

Decopatch is as easy as it is impressive – here’s a step-by-step example showing how we transformed a slightly dull looking box into a fantastically colourful one…


The first step is to choose the item to be decorated with Decopatch paper. You could choose anything you like, it could be cardboard, wood, glass, ceramic, metal – anything you can think of as long as it’s solid.

For this example we selected this cardboard gift box – it’s already decorated but we thought we could do better!

If you’re going to redecorate something that already has a strong pattern or graphic on it, you’ll need to paint it white first – just to make sure that the original design cannot be seen through your lovely Decopatch.

Then you just need your choice of Decopatch papers, Decopatch adhesive and a brush.

The next step is prepare your Decopatch paper by tearing it into small pieces and applying adhesive to the item you are decorating…


Now for the fun bit!

Use your brush to pick up the individual pieces of Decopatch paper and place them on your item.

As you place each piece, ‘paint’ over it with your advesive brush – this will ensure that your next piece will adhere properly and provide a waterproof seal to your design….


Repeat this process, building your design until you have covered one side of your item, then continue until it is completely covered in Decopatch paper.

As you can see, we decided to treat the inside of our box and lid to the Decopatch treatment too – giving it a really luxurious look.


Transformation complete!

Just imagine what you could do with Decopatch – make a unique gift, create a beautiful decorative item for your home or transform an unloved picture frame or piece of furniture into something new and magnificent!

If you need more inspiration – just pop into The Craft Shop at Bypass Nurseries to see the range of items we’ve Decopatched – and check out our extensive range of Decopatch papers and ready to decorate items such as boxes, decorative free-standing letters, etc.



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