Ericaceous Excellence!

Ericaceous, acid loving, plants have a reputation for being ‘difficult’ to grow in areas where the soil is more typically alkaline such as in East Anglia, and indeed it can be difficult to maintain the right growing conditions over a long period of time in a border setting.

This is an undeserved reputation which is easily overcome…







The Camellia Collection

The big beautiful blooms of the Camellia are a welcome sight in late winter/early spring – giving the garden a much needed boost.

Their glossy evergreen leaves then provide a fabulous backdrop to summer flowering plants – no wonder they remain a popular addition to our gardens.

Our Camellia Collection includes plants with deep red, delicate pink, white and even red and white striped blooms.These very special plants make very special gifts for any occasion – and our Anniversary Camellias, specially selected to celebrate Ruby, Silver and Golden Wedding Anniversaries are the ultimate anniversary gift.

The Pieris Collection

The pieris in our collection have a great deal to offer your garden –

  • a profusion of delicate lily of the valley-like flowers in pink or white borne on panicles
  • followed by fiery red fresh new growth
  • with wonderful evergreen or variegated foliage

A fantastic container plant to wake up your garden in early spring!




The Skimmia Collection

Skimmias are magnificent plants that offer a bit of everything!

  • Fantastic evergreen foliage
  • A mass of tiny flowers in a choice of colours
  • Fantastic scented blooms
  • Stunning red berries

The varieties selected for our Skimmia Collection have been chosen for the range of specific attributes in which they excel, for example… ‘Wanto’ for it’s fantastically scented flowers, ‘Olympic Flame’ for it’s flowers and berries, ‘Kew Green’ for it’s Award for Garden Merit

And many more to choose from!

Ericaceous Plant Care Made Easy

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be rewarded with the unique beauty offered by the ericaeous plants in our ‘Collections’ for many years.

  • Choose a plant with the attributes you want to enjoy
  • Select a suitable container*
  • Carefully plant your chosen specimen in your container using Ericaceous Compost such as John Innes or Miracle-Gro Ericaceous Compost
  • Water well with rainwater from your water butt (ericaceous plants don’t like tap water)
  • Periodically feed your ericaceous plants with a soluble Ericaceous plant food such as Murphy Sequestrene Granules and Plant Tonic, Miracle-Gro Soluble Plant Food or Maxicrop Seaweed Plus

*For an in-depth guide to container planting see our ‘How To… Guide


If you’d like to add some wonderful blooms, great scent or colourful berries to your garden – take a look at our ericaceous Collections.

We also stock ericaceous composts, feed and containers – and because they’re such wonderful plants, they also make great gifts, so we’ll also gift wrap them for you…







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