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Ready to cast a spell on your garden with our seeds and bulbs?

There is something almost magical about a green haze of tiny seedlings or emerging shoots from bulbs. So why not perform a little wizardry in your own garden with our fantastic range of seeds and bulbs?

Growing your own plants from seed provides excellent value for money – whether you want to provide your own tasty fruit and vegetables, or supply colourful flowers for your hanging baskets and borders. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find everything you need in our huge seed collection, including Thompson and Morgan, Suttons, Mr Fothergill and many more!

We stock bulbs which flower in all four seasons, so you can make sure there’s always something to look forward to in your garden. And whether you choose to create waves of narscissi and alliums throughout your borders or an eye-catching display of irises or tulips in pots and containers, you’ll always find season-appropriate bulbs to plant in our excellent range.

Ready to cast a spell on your garden? Come on over to check out our ranges of seeds and bulbs for yourselves, and ask our friendly, expert staff for advice today!

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