Relaxing, dining and enjoying our time outdoors in the garden is a priority for lots of us, so we love anything that helps to maximise this!

Outdoor living

We stock a wide range of products dedicated to extending your living space outdoors, from cooking in the open air, to providing soft light and warmth helping make the most of your garden. We are stockists of the fantastic ooni pizza ovens.

In addition to our great range of quality gas or charcoal barbecues from Landmann, economical patio heaters and full range of fuels and barbecue accessories, we also stock stylish chimeneas, cosy gas fire pits from Woodlodge and concrete log burners from Ivyline.

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Gorgeous Glowing Coals

Whatever the source of your gorgeous glowing coals, they all provide hours of lovely light and warmth for your outdoor gatherings and are a truly delightful way to transform any occasion into something special – plus some of them can be used for cooking too!

Don’t forget that in order to prolong the life of your BBQs, patio heaters, fire pits and chimeneas, they should ideally be stored in a shed or garage over Winter.

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Aftercare for your clay chimenea

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