Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are beautiful and easy to care for, like us, all they need is a little love and understanding to truly flourish!

At their best, indoor plants make an attractive, interesting addition to any room and well-placed greenery not only brightens a dull space, it can also help to purify your air! Who would have thought that the humble indoor plant was capable of so much? And whilst it’s true that there are some better suited to the real enthusiasts, the majority respond well to a little care and attention – and in return will reward you with years of pleasure.

Whether you’re looking to create a tropical jungle theme or a spiky, desert collection, you’re a novice or an expert, our indoor plant collection offers something for everyone and every setting.

Our friendly staff are always on hand to provide expert advice if you need it, so come and check out our selection in-store today!

Indoor Inspiration!

Indoor plants have so much to offer when they are included our homes – bringing colour and interest, and providing attractive (and highly portable!) displays – adding an extra touch of glamour and elegance to our interiors.

Plus indoor plants bring other benefits, releasing oxygen and filtering pollutants to make air more breathable, releasing their own chemicals which suppress mould spores and air-borne bacteria, and adding humidity, helping to counter the dry air associated with our centrally heated houses.

Whether you find joy in the drama of an orchid, are soothed by the calming green of palm leaves or delight in the cheerful bloom of indoor cyclamen, with so much to offer, indoor plants should have a place in every home. And if you need some inspiration, we’ve listed the key points to consider.

Layers & Levels

When it comes to positioning, don’t restrict yourself to shelves and window sills – let your imagination run wild!

Creative corners… in these often neglected parts of our rooms, it’s easy to add instant drama and impact using a floor-to-ceiling specimen plant, or a multitude of plants on multiple levels. Whether they are your own creation or ready-made, multi-level plant stands in a range of materials, colours and shapes can add to your statement look no matter what your space or style.

More is more… the impact of an individual specimen plant cannot be denied, but it’s also possible to create a similarly eye-catching effect by grouping pots and plants together en masse, and not just in corners! Be bold with your design and include a variety of textures, heights and leaf shapes to obtain the best effect.

A head for heights… a hanging display provides a dash of greenery which draws the eye upwards and offers a great 360 degree view of your plants. And it doesn’t matter whether you choose pots in macramé, suspended terrariums or upside-down planters – whatever you decide will really jazz things up.

The indoor garden… is maybe the most under-used idea for indoor plants, where multiple, complementary plants are planted in a single water-tight container – much like you would with a multi-interest pot outside.






Perfect Planters

The planters you choose should be considered carefully – as they can add as much to your display as the plants themselves.

Numbers – if you don’t want a big group as suggested above, when arranging planters always follow the odd number rule and group them in threes or fives.

Materials – the variety of pots and planters available provides a great opportunity to pick something that will really complement and enhance the plant inside it and, by association, the room it’s in. Offered in an almost dizzying array of colours and shapes, it’s easy to choose a pot or planter that works well with the foliage and form of the plant and also matches your interior style. And don’t just think plastic either, when ornate jardinieres and old copper steamers provide so much interest, particularly for the indoor garden.

Terracotta – if you’re not sure where to start then terracotta is a safe and stylish choice.  It’s a great option which works with pretty much every type of plant regardless of colour or texture – and once you’ve gained confidence you can always paint the pots and/or saucers to match the colour scheme of your room.

Plant Choice and Care

The majority of indoor plants are easy to care for and reasonably tolerant, and are usually from the under-storey of tropical forests.  Plants such as spider plants, begonias, dracaena etc thrive in warm, humid, dimly lit forests with little air movement – and these are the conditions of most of our interiors: warm, some sun and hopefully not too many draughts!

When choosing your plants, you should consider the light and heat levels for each of your rooms individually and apply the same rules as you would in the garden with the ‘right plant, right place’ rule – after all, it makes sense that a plant which enjoys warm, damp conditions would not enjoy life in a hot, dry conservatory. And by paying attention to the care, watering and feeding requirements of your individual indoor plants, you’ll keep them thriving, and your interior design intact.



Winter Colour

Foliage plants are, of course, great all year round – but it’s also good to inject some additional colour with indoor plants which are at their best during the Winter months. Our top choices are the showy blooms of the hyacinth and the elegant nodding flowers of the cyclamen.


These gorgeous plants offer an amazing range of colours and fantastic scent – and are a wonder way to fill your home with both fragrance and colour in Winter.

Choose single bulbs in simple bulb glasses for a specimen display, or plant half a dozen in a bowl or pot for eye-catching impact.

Click here for our guide to growing indoor hyacinths…


Available in a range of colours from pure white through pinks and purples to bright red, indoor cyclamen are a bright and cheery addition to any interior space.

Their elegant, nodding blooms are offset by striking marbled foliage, are easy to care for and produce a reliable display. Typically this last six to eight weeks, but with good care, can last from October to Easter – well worth the effort!

Choose plants with lots of buds still to open and when you get them home, you’ll need to…

  • keep them cool between 50F-60F.
  • give them good but not direct light, a north-facing window is perfect.
  • compost should be kept moist as cyclamen do not like water on the crown – so to water immerse the pot in water to just below the compost level and leave to soak until the surface is moist – allow to drain and then return to its tray.
  • keep up the humidity – stand your pot on a tray with moist pebbles or damp peat and occasionally mist the air around them.

After flowering, reduce water and stop feeding, then place the pot on its side and keep cool and dry until mid-Summer.

Artificial Plants

If you love the idea of indoor plants but simply don’t have the time or the green fingers (or both!) to achieve the look you want, then you need artificial plants – and yes, you read that correctly!

Artificial plant quality has improved so much in recent years that it’s often difficult to tell the difference between artificial and the real thing without touching them. And aside from the obvious no-maintenance benefits, using artificial plants means that you can add plant interest to the previously unused, darker corners of your home.

Come and browse our indoor plants for all the interior plant inspiration you need – and create your own indoor plant heaven!


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