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Heavenly Hellebores

With most gardens in their Winter slumber at this time of year, plants which are brave enough to flower are invaluable for adding wonderful, much-needed

Flowering Plants for Christmas

Colourful outdoor plants are a must for every garden at this time of year, and those which flower during the Winter months and around the

Indoor Colour at Christmas

Colourful indoor plants are a real joy at Christmas, and no doubt you’ll all be familiar with the bright and cheery traditional favourites such as

Wonderful Winter Interest

In the dark days of Winter when most plants in our gardens are sleeping, it’s still possible to achieve a glorious display of colour with

Simple BBQ Steak

This fat marbling in this rib eye steak recipe is the key to its flavour and juicy-ness. Cooked simply with minimum fuss, we think it’s

Gorgeous Grilled Sardines

These grilled sardines make a wonderful Summer supper – seasoned with chilli, garlic and lemon, they’re hot, tangy and delicious! Ingredients, to serve 4: 1

Marvellous Mojito

Relax and unwind with this recipe for an exotic mojito, which offers the perfect blend of cool mint and citrus tang. And better still, you can also

Perfect Pimm’s

Relaxing and unwinding on a gorgeous Summer evening in the garden surely needs only one addition – and that’s a glorious cocktail! Pimm’s is the

Containers – Reinvented!

With continual product development bringing new materials to the market, achieving a new look for your garden through the use of pots and containers has,

Fabulous Foliage

When it comes to gardens it’s natural that flowers are the highlight but, as these fade away or if there are gaps between flowering periods,