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Relaxing, dining and enjoying our time outdoors in the garden is a priority for lots of us, and that’s why we love anything which helps to maximise this. We stock a wide range ... Read More
August 7, 2012c4devadmin
It’s official, you no longer need a stately home to have a garden statue! Statues, ornaments and decorations can be used effectively to add individuality, create focal points, talking points and provide destinations in any garden – and they don’t need ... Read More
August 7, 2012c4devadmin
Using pots and containers in your garden has some real benefits – you can use them to add colour, fill in gaps, and to grow plants that would not be at home in your soil.  It’s quick and simple to do, and can transform your space in a very short ... Read More
July 21, 2012c4devadmin