A true family business – Bypass Nurseries was founded in 1937 by the current Director’s father, David Fenwick.

In the early days our main activities were nursery growing, at our original site on the old Colchester ‘bypass’, from where we get our name!  From this base the company grew and at one time there were Garden Shops in Colchester, Ipswich, Bury St. Edmunds and London.

The original nursery business soon diversified into the highly specialised area of seed growing – with a particular emphasis on Primroses.  At its height the nursery was harvesting something in the region of 50 kilos of primrose seed under contract from companies in France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Holland.

Our Essex based nursery still grows primroses for seed multiplication but the scale has decreased as people become ever more interested in gardening and we have
reacted to the need by producing our own quality bedding plants.

A further aspect of the work carried out by the growing division of our company is the production of plant trials for the USA.  For American companies to be able to market their own seed varieties in the United Kingdom they need to be able to assess the adaptability of them to our climate.  By being in the forefront at this development and trial stage we are able to gain advance knowledge of improvements  – enabling us to supply our customers with new varieties of plants which will thrive in our conditions.

From our earliest days we’ve been committed to providing excellent quality, service and value to our customers, and our aim today is to provide the local communities in which we operate with superb quality plants and garden products as well as attractive ranges of garden furniture, BBQs and gifts.

We have always recognised that our customers are the most important influence upon our business and we continue to strive to make every dealing with the company a memorable experience.

The photographs below show some of our early locations and a few of the workers who helped to make Bypass Nurseries what it is today.

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