Patios, Paths & Paint!

Door LatchOur garden structures and hard landscaping areas have a huge impact on the appearance of our gardens – and keeping them looking good automatically makes our gardens look tidy and well-kept, so they are definitely jobs worth doing!

Maintenance of these elements is a job in which it’s possible to have a big impact in a very short period of time too – making them very satisfying to complete, and of course you get to enjoy the benefits all year!

In Spring our gardens are still waking and plant growth is still relatively slow, so it’s easy to see what needs attention and access will be easy – plus if you get these jobs out of the way now, you’ll have more time to spend in the garden later!

Pressure WashingPatios & Paths

Patios and paths benefit from regular maintenance too – and putting in a little more effort at the start of Spring will mean less work later in the year.

The first step is to remove debris and surface dirt by brushing – not only does this have a cleaning effect in itself, it also helps to prevent weed seeds from germinating as they don’t have anything to take root in.

Get rid of any weeds which have already taken root, either using a weeding tool or a weed-killing product.

Patio CleaningOnce your patio or path is swept and weed-free it will benefit from a wash, which really has the potential to work wonders! For smaller areas, use hot or cold soapy water and a brush and scrub by hand, but if you’re covering a large area it maybe easier to use a pressure washer which gives a really deep clean.

Finally, check your joints which are key to the look of paved areas – be sure to fill any gaps to maintain solid structure, ensure stability and to keep out those weed seeds!


FinishesGarden Structures

When using the term garden structures, we mean everything from garden sheds to trellis and fencing – and the first job is to carefully check them for any areas which may need repairing or replacing.

Once you’re happy that your structures are solid, treat them with a wood preserver or garden paint to extend their lives – and with garden paint now available in a range of colours, it’s possible to use these cleverly to make your garden more vibrant and interesting.

Painted ShedColours can certainly change the mood of your garden – warm terracotta, yellows and deep reds give a mediterranean feel, where silvery whites, blues and greys give a cooler look and feel. And if you choose to use paint on your structures, you’ll have interesting features to enjoy all year round as well.

Colour is also a great way to expand small spaces too – for example green or wood coloured fences can give the impression of disappearing into their surroundings, thus making your garden look larger.

Or why not go for impact with bold, bright colours? Use a shade on your trellis which provides a rich contrast to your plants, or why not turn your shed into a feature in its own right, and make it so much more than a place to store your tools…

By making this checking and re-finishing an annual job, you’ll keep your garden structures in a good state of repair, you’ll have the opportunity to change their look by choosing another colour, and you will definitely prolong their weather-resistance and therefore their useful lives!

We stock a great range of garden paint, finishing products and ironmongery – and sheds too if you need a new one!

We also have pressure-washers for your paths and patios, plus all the cleaning tools and weedkilling products you’ll need to keep your hard landscaping areas looking great.

Visit us in-store, and get your garden spick and span for Summer!


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