Perfect Summer Perennials

Summer-flowering perennials such as hemerocallis, asters, primulas and heucheras are stalwarts in the border but beware of leaving them to their own devices as they become congested after a few years. Your plants will still grow and flower, but the new growth will be weaker, and you will get fewer, poorer quality flowers.

Spring is the perfect time for division, just as strong, new growth is starting. Follow our guide to division and prepare for a feast of Summer colour!

We’ve chosen to divide a clump of Hemerocallis (daylilies), which need dividing every three years.




First loosen the soil around your congested clump by pushing your spade deeply into the ground a few inches from your plant.  Once you’ve encircled the clump in this way, gently rock your spade to loosen the clump and break any deep roots. Then lift your clump free from the hole.


Push one hand trowel (or spade for larger clumps) deeply into your clump, with the back of the trowel facing the centre, as Marcus has done. Then push a second hand trowel into your clump, back-to-back with the first trowel, then gently push down on each handle to pull your clump apart.


Check that each new plant you form has both roots and shoots, and discard any particularly woody sections of the centre of your clump which is the oldest, least productive part.


Replant your newly divided plants immediately so that the roots don’t dry out – don’t forget to add in compost when you’re planting and bonemeal to promote root growth, and water thoroughly. Then sit back, relax and enjoy healthy, vigorous growth and your crop of new plants!

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