Pretty Pots and Colourful Containers

Using pots and containers in your garden has some real benefits – you can use them to add colour, fill in gaps, and to grow plants that would not be at home in your soil.  It’s quick and simple to do, and can transform your space in a very short period of time – just follow our step-by-step guide…

1.  Select your pot or container…

Pots and containers come in all shapes, sizes and finishes – be sure to choose a style that will fit in your garden and remember that bigger pots have more impact and won’t dry out as quickly.

2.  Preparation…

Make sure your pot or container has a drainage hole – but cover this with broken bits of pot to prevent it becoming blocked.

Then fill pots and containers with fresh, peat-free multi-purpose compost, making sure you accommodate any specific plant needs such as those requiring ericaceous compost.  There are a couple of steps you can take to further improve your compost – by adding water retentive crystals which swell up when the compost is watered, acting like mini reservoirs within your pot, and by adding controlled-release fertiliser granules to the compost mix to feed your plants throughout their growing period.

Decide which plants will go where in your pot – place them on your bench first so that you make sure you get a design you’re happy with.


3.  Planting…

With your design finalised it’s time to start planting!  Take the plant you will be using in the centre of your display first and remove it from the pot.  Gently tease out the roots if necessary and then place it carefully in your pot or container.  Add in your remaining plants and then fill in the gaps with compost, firming with your fingers as you go.



4.  Ta-dah!

Finish by watering well, and then it’s ready to go out in your garden!

We have all the ingredients you need in store for your own creations – a wide range of pots and containers, compost, added extras and of course the plants themselves!  And don’t worry if you don’t have the time or lack inspiration for your own, we have lots already made up and ready to go!


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