Propagation – Made Simple!

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Annuals are extremely versatile as colourful additions to your beds, borders, pots and hanging baskets. Planting them yourself from seed is a very rewarding way to make lots of new plants, and cost effective too!

Sowing seeds is one of the easiest methods of propagation, so follow our simple guide, and watch your plant stocks grow!

You can use any annual seeds which can be planted now and raised in the greenhouse or on a windowsill – we’ve chosen bright, cheerful Busy Lizzies.




Seeds_01For this you’ll need:

  • A complete mini-seed tray, comprising of your seed tray, a water tray and a cover
  • Compost suitable for seeds and cuttings
  • Seeds
  • Vermiculite
  • Water and a watering can
  • A label and pencil


First read your seed packet to check that your seeds can be sown now, and the temperature they need to germinate.

Fill your seed tray with compost, making sure you leave enough room to cover the seeds once you have sown them.

Seeds_04 Seeds_02 Seeds_03

Water well to ensure that your compost is moist.

Sowing Your Seeds

Empty the seed packet into your hand before sowing – so that you can see the size of your seeds before you start.

If your seeds are large, you can place them directly onto the surface of the compost. Very small seeds are best sown by taking a pinch between two fingers, and broadcasting them over your seed tray, taking care to sow thinly to ensure your seeds have room to germinate and grow.

Seeds_06 Seeds_07 Seeds_08

Next, carefully cover the entire surface of your seed tray with a layer of vermiculite.

Seeds_09 Seeds_10 Seeds_11

Remember to Label!

Label your seed trays clearly – because if you’re planting lots of seeds, you’ll need to be sure you know what they are!

Then assemble your mini seed tray, and place the cover over it to ensure that the tray retains moisture. If you don’t have a cover, you could use a plastic bag, it will do the same job!

Seeds_12 Seeds_13 Seeds_14

Be Patient…

Place your tray on a bright windowsill or in the greenhouse. Keep the compost moist and allow the seeds to germinate until they develop two pairs of leaves.

Busy Lizzie MassOnce you have two pairs of leaves and your seedlings are large enough to handle, you can prick them out into pots, taking care to handle them by the leaves to avoid damage to the delicate stems. And when they have developed into small plants with good root systems, you can plant them out or pot them on as appropriate.

So now you can see just how simple – and rewarding – seed sowing is. And of course it’s a great way to add lots of lovely colour to your garden this year!

We have a huge range of seeds, plus all the seed trays, pots, compost and other supplies you’ll need to start you own production.

So visit us in-store, ask our friendly, expert staff for advice if you need it – and look forward to your seed success!


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