Shrubs for Winter Colour

Pyracantha 500x400 1In the dark days of Winter, it’s still possible to achieve a glorious display of colour in our gardens with a selection of Winter-interest shrubs that will keep you going until Spring!

We’ve selected our choice of shrubs which look great right now,and will provide interest throughout the rest of the year. Plus they’re wildlife friendly too, with Winter-flowering shrubs helping pollinators which remain active during our coldest months such as hoverflies and some bumblebees, and berrying shrubs providing a snack for hungry birds!

Shrubs are extremely useful for providing structure in the form of hedges or as specimens in borders, or of course you can plant them in pots and containers to give yourself a truly portable display – just be sure to take care to provide the conditions they enjoy and they’ll thrive.

There are lots to choose from, but here are our favourites:

Dogwood 500x400Dogwood

The brightly coloured stems of these plants in oranges, reds and yellows are a wonderful sight on a Winter day.

They’re easy to care for too and will grow in any situation – all you need to do to ensure the best display is to cut out all of the oldest stems annually in March and feed them with manure to trigger lots of new shoots.


Pyracantha 500x400Pyracantha 

The colourful, showy berries which appear in Autumn and last through the Winter are what earns Pyracantha their place in the Winter garden.

Whichever variety you choose, you’ll get a profusion berries in red, orange or yellow – and these hardy evergreen shrubs are suitable for just about any soil or situation. They can be grown free-standing, against a wall or even as a hedge, and will also become a mass of pure white flowers in May – they are truly glorious all-rounders.

Viburnum-500x400Winter-Flowering Viburnum

Available in deciduous and evergreen varieties which flower in Winter, these beautiful shrubs offer deliciously fragrant pink or white flowers – they’re extremely popular and it’s easy to see why!

Regardless of variety, they all flower on stems made in the previous year so annual pruning (after flowering) helps to maintain shape and form – and ensures the delicate flowers and wonderful scent smother the plant.

Pieris 500x400Pieris Japonica

These shrubs may be best known for their scarlet new foliage in Spring, but the all have clusters of nodding white, bell-like flowers at sometime during the Winter – and sometimes in spite of the weather!

They’re acid-lovers so in need of ericaceous compost or humus-rich, acidic soil – and they’re happy in just about any situation except deep shade. Choose a variegated variety and you’ll get extra foliage interest too.

Skimmia-500x400-1Skimmia – our ‘Plant of the Moment’

Skimmias provide colour either through their beautiful red berries, or through gorgeous flowers in some Winter-flowering forms – which is why we’ve nominated them as our ‘Plant of the Moment’!

And if you choose these neat, compact shrubs don’t forget that you may need male and female plants to ensure your flower and berry display.


We have these shrubs – plus lots more Winter interest plants – available in-store NOW, so visit us and choose the cast for your own Winter wonderland!




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