Stylish Table Decorations

Table-Decoration-500x450There is no doubt that a stylish table decoration at Christmas will draw admiration from your guests – after all, it’s the personal touches that transform our houses into our homes!

It’s really satisfying to make your own – and with our guide below, you’ll find it easy and fun too!

You’ll need:

  • A container (your oasis will be wet, so be sure to choose something which will not leak!)
  • Oasis
  • A candle
  • A candle-holder
  • Cut pieces of Christmas tree
  • Artificial flowers (in the colour of your choice, and odd numbers – see below)
  • Additional cut greenery (such as euonymous, holly etc), remember to include different colours and textures for contrast
  • Additional decoration – such a berries, cones etc
  • And optional – spray on snow and/or glitter

Table-Decoration-2First cut the oasis to fit your container and then soak it in a bucket of water until is fully hydrated. Once it’s ready, press it firmly into your container so that it is secure.

Next place your candle into your candle-holder, and add florists wire to the holder so that you can secure it in place – then press it firmly into the centre of your oasis.



Start decorating with your pieces of cut Christmas tree, pushing them in around your candle to create the foundation of your design.

Table-Decoration-3 Table-Decoration-4 Table-Decoration-5

Next add your artificial flowers, using an odd number suitable for the size and scale of your table decoration. In the example shown here, we’ve used a small terracotta pot, so we’ve used just three, bright artificial flowers.

Once your flowers are in place, it’s time to add your additional greenery – and remember that including different foliage textures and colours will make your display really stand out. Carefully fill all of the gaps between your Christmas tree pieces and your flowers, and only finish once you can no longer see any oasis.

Finally, add any other decoration – we’ve used a star – but you could also use cones, berries, dried fruit slices, or whatever you fancy – let your creative side out!

Table-Decoration-6 Table-Decoration-7 Table-Decoration-8 Table-Decoration-9

Table-Decoration-FinalAnd if you’d like to make your table decoration extra festive, then finish with a final spritz of spray snow and/or glitter. And ta dah! Your table decoration is finished!

Now you have the know-how, you can get creative making your own table decorations – and you’ll find everything you need in-store now. And don’t worry if you run out of time to make your own decorations, because we also stock a great selection of table decorations ready to go!


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