The Parachute Plant (Ceropagia Sandersonii)

Are you looking for a truly unusual houseplant?  This native from the southern African continent makes a fabulous choice.

This slender twiner has lovely succulent leaves – but the real stars of the show are its amazing flowers.

At 5-7cm long, the distinctive green and white funnel-shaped flowers are held on delicate stalks – the uniqueness is in the tips of the petals which don’t separate, forming the ‘parachute’ dome which gives it its common name.

Pollination is carried out courtesy of flies, sensed by hairs of the petals. Once a fly is detected, it remains trapped by the fused flower petals until the hairs weaken, by which time the fly is covered in pollen

Propagate by taking stem cuttings, or collect seeds from the flowers.







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